How to Avoid/Counter Player Interdictions

Some tips. Enjoy..

#1 Watch your radar for darned sake. You can see them line up on you. If the radar is too “Clutterd with AI” zoom out your radar. This is easy and you must grasp this concept to stay alive.

#2 Scan other ships for wings. Player Icons on the radar are hollow. Can’t miss them. No excuses.

#3 If you see Player Cmdr’s on the radar upon entering a system immediately put the Sun to your ships back. It will be much harder to interdict you while you cycle through the radar to figure out what your dealing with.

#4 Think your about to be interdicted? Emergency Drop out of Super Cruise now! Have some patience! Devise a horse shoe type route to the station and repeat! Don’t fly straight in! Use your noodle!

#5 Just stop! Foot off the peddle and just stop in Super Cruise and look at them. As long as you are dead stopped you can face them. You can only be interdicted from the rear. In other words he will never interdict you unless you step on the gas and expose your rear. A stopped ship can turn in place faster than a ship can turn and line up on them while moving in Super Cruise.

#6 Submit. Once your interdicted and the mini game starts let off the gas. It will end the mini game and drop you both next to each other. Your recharge is 10sec while his is 20sec. Aim at him and and Boost with Flight Assist Off. Then cruise right past him and have a head start in getting out of Mass Lock and back into Super Cruise. You can “Chain Submit” by repeating this on your route to the station. It is frowned upon by some in player interactions but more than anything it gives a reason to open fire if they haven’t when they catch you again. So be quick and be ready to try another tip/tactic.

-Note for Tip #6- Imperial Clippers negate the cooldown timer with a special Frame Shift Drive. Even if you submit they will have the same FSD charge time. So avoid Chain Submitting against Clippers.

#7 If you escape from an interdiction and are in Super Cruise yet are worried you will be jumped again just Emergency Drop out of Super Cruise the second you enter it. He will come after you in Super Cruise and fly right past your Wake if you jumped at the same time. If you have a head start you Wake will not show up on his Contact List. And you will be chill’n and drinking your coke while he’s in Super Cruise looking for your wake.

-Pro Tip for #7- If you do a 180 when you enter Super Cruise you can dive right back into the same wake/instance you just jumped out of without locking onto it. In other words you are now on his tail. He will have jumped by the time you exit Super Cruise. Since he jumped out as you entered the wake you two originally created will be removed from his contact list. Enjoy him thinking you jumped systems or logged off to solo mode.

#8 High Wake. To avoid being interdicted a second time or if your stuck in Mass Lock due to a larger and faster ship always jump to the nearest system. Doing so negates Mass Lock from lager ships. Allowing for a quick escape.



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